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3D Printing Service - Instant Online Quotation

Leobot3D provides a 3D printing service that is as simple as uploading your model's STL file, specifying print settings and choosing a delivery address.The printing cost depends on the type of material used and the fill density of the model.

STL File Upload

Upload the STL file of the model you want us to print. First choose the file then select "Upload" to get started. Once you have selected the print settings, material and other options, select "Determine 3D Print Cost". Please be sure that your model is in Millimetre metric settings. The maximum model size is 250mmx250mmx250mm. The maximum file size is 10MB.

Number Of Copies


Fill Density

Layer Density


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Print Priority

The Goods

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Print Cost

Number of Copies

Choose how many copies of your object you want Leobot3D to print for you. If your objects are small enough then it is possible to speed up the print process by printing multiple copies at a time. If you need medium-volume production of an object or, model at a lower cost, then get in contact with Leobot3D.

3D Print Filament Material

The type of filament used will determine the properties and cost of your printed object. The lowest cost option is PLA, while our most impressive and most expensive filament is Carbon Fibre. It is a good idea to research the different type of materials before you choose an option.

3D Print Fill Density

The fill density will determine how strong your 3D printed model is, weight and cost. For a model expected to take mechanical load, it is advised to have a higher fill density

3D Print Layer Density

The layer density of a 3D print will determine how strong the model is across its vertical axis. The higher the density of the layers, the more the filament is fused into the printed model and the stronger object is obtained from the 3D print process.

3D Print Colour

Currently we only provide the option to print in black. If you need a different colour printed, please get in contact with Leobot3D and we will help you.

3D Print Priority

Due to the nature of having limited 3D printers available and some customers have have urgent 3D printing requests, we therefore provide the option to schedule the 3D print as soon as possible with the highest possible priority. If your request is not urgent and can be delayed by a few days, then choose the Normal Priority option.

“ We will ensure that you receive the best possible quality product with our high-quality industrial 3D printers and professional Quality Assurance process.” - Leon Botha

This instant online quotation does NOT include transportation cost.

Refunds & Mistakes

At Leobot3D, we only accept STL files to be printed. We make no modifications to the file or design other than the options specified above. We print the model in the orientation provided to us, which may affect where the slicing software decides to add supporting structures. It is up to you to ensure that the 3D model is designed in such a way that it can be 3D printed, and correctly too. If there was a fault with the 3D print process not related to your design as found in the STL file, during our quality assurance process, we will inspect the model and we will reprint the model to ensure you receive a top-notch quality 3D print, matching your design. All rafts, supporting structures and fills will be left as is for the customer to remove as needed.

If we feel that the model has a high chance of failure or for any reason is not able to print and deliver your 3D printed model, we will refund your money in full. If there is a problem with the design in the STL, causing a repeatable problem, then we are unfortunately not able to provide a refund for the material used. Hopefully we will never need to go through the refund process but at least you should know that we will not take your money and not provide you with something in return.

Leobot3D does not take responsibility for how models are used and it is not recommended that 3D printed parts as functional components where there is a risk of failure causing serious damage, such as in the medical, military and manufacturing industries.